Hyipalert.com.au was founded on 10 October 2016. We are composed of a group of like-minded Australian investors, Established purpose is to understand and put into high yield (high-risk) real-time paying tracking, instant messaging investment site. 2015 HYIP investment warning network (HYIP Alert) team members active in the HYIP industry, see constantly have new runaway scam site are in the short term (1 to 2 weeks) of defrauding investors. Some simply take the fishing mode, using the ultra high profits (1 day turn over will be 2 to 3 times) in various social media propaganda to deceive more laymen, based on more investors suffer and put an end to prevent HYIP garbage website owner, decided to set up the stand.

Hyipalert.com.au team members currently investing HYIP sites will carry on the positive and negative comments, will risk index according to the site’s credibility, the website system, internal data, website owner of instant messaging and each big BBS, to evaluate the analysis of the surveillance, risk index percentage (%) that the greater the risk, the greater the investors should be Alert, risk, of course, it is hard to predict, you never know, but it can be as a reference.


According to the statistical HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), every day more than ten million people attended, there are ten million people away, profit of real success in this industry for a small number of investors, we advise investors only invest what they can afford, don’t have a gambler mentality. Know the fund management and investment diversification is the best way!